Meat as a Raw Material

August 9, 2018 | Author: Janelle Faye Tanudtanud | Category: N/A
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Presentation and Learning Materials during the the ATI Free Seminar on Swine Production and Processing last June 9, 2017...


Rhea E. Carandang Training Specialist II

0907 243 5510 ATI  –  International Training Center on Pig Husbandry

Refers to the animal tissues which are suitable for use as food

Gross structure of meat Lean

50-65% of the carcass


5-30% of the carcass


15-17% of the carcass

Nutritive Value of Meat 

good quality protein

large quantities of fatty acids

Vit. B complex

source of all minerals except calcium

Water holding capacity 

Ability of meat to retain water/juice during cutting, heating, grinding or pressing

tenderness, juiciness, color, texture and firmness are partially dependent on this

Water holding capacity  affects shrinkage of meat during storage, retail retail display, display, cooking and processing

Pale, Soft, Exudative (PSE) is not good for processing

Meat color 

total impression seen by the eye

high high myogl myoglob obin in - darker darker

used to identify age of animal

prolo prolonge nged d exp expos osure ure to air - darker darker

PORK: PORK: grayish pink to grayish red

Structure, firmness and texture consider :  extent to which meat conforms to

surface where it rests  degree of separation between

muscles 

prominence of muscle bundle divisions

 consider the lean meat! - color - darker color - older - fiber - course - old 

scrutinize the fat! - white - firm, non greasy - yellow – soft, oily

Meat Quality Standards

Meat Quality Standards

Fat - marbling

Examine the bone marrow - pink & soft - young animal

Consider the odor


Wholesale and retail cuts of pork

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